Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here's a reason why I don't wanna grow up

My roommates always tell me that my room is too pink. I deny that because I wasn't intentionally decorating the room with all kinds of pink stuffs that I could find. It just happens that everytime I pick something, it happens to be pink. And all together, they happen to be very pink. Although some of my favorite stuffs in my room actually have no pink in them, but apparently they still share the pink hue. But I guess yeah I wouldn't deny it. Pink is my comfort color. It sort of allows me to unleash my inner childhood all over again hehe. Anyways, while I was looking for products for, I couldn't help but drooling over this nursery. Yes, it's a nursery. For babies. But it's just unbearably cute.

The satin ruffles, the pink polka dots, and the Victorian patterns melt me. I wonder if they can make a bed in an adult size. Sometimes I just don't wanna grow up. Especially once I found that once I do, I have to pay my own bills..

Carousel Designs have the prettiest baby beddings ever!

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