Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ok, I don't care what you say, I don't care how many abundant reviews there are already out there. This thing is awesome and I want one. Did you hear that, boyfriend? I want one. I want a 16GB iPhone 3G. It's not just about the look (oh, please), the convenience and luxury of being able to check my email every 5 mins wherever I am (including while I'm standing in a bus, gripping a hanging strap with my other hand) is just amazing. And uber helpful. I'm not a big fan of applications in any ways for simply the same reason why I never really play pool with the phone that I have right now, although I do occasionally shoot ducks, pigs, and rats in this game called Hunter when I'm bored. But the staggering fact that iPhone has 1,500 applications (and counting, they say) just blows my mind. And this is so gonnabe my iPhone skin (if I have an iPhone, of course).

Pretty isn't it? The skin is called "Shore" by Lawrence Yang from Gelaskins.

And I guess with its function as an iPod as well (duh!), I can actually choose the song I'd like to play now since it's been a guessing game all along with my shuffle.

Friday, January 16, 2009


When it comes to tables, have you ever seen a nice table top you like but wish that the legs are sturdier? Or you like the tough aluminum legs but think the top is just lousy? Well, I hope that when you hear the word "build", there's one store that comes to you bubbly mind right away. I am amazed again by Ikea this time with their VIKA system of table top and legs mix and match. You can custom choose a desk you like with a handful of selections of different lengths and materials. Whether you want it to be glass, wood, or stainless steel, go satisfy your need. They give you the glorious freedom to mix and match with a selection of legs made of different materials, shapes, and even functions!

Live in a cramped up tiny apartment where space means the whole world to you? Some legs can also function as storage for you to keep all the junks inside the cool trunk.

I tried to play some mix and match and build my dream desk. I got a couple of "products cannot be combined", but I managed to survive and still drool over the final product that I "built". Go to IKEA to build a coffee table/work desk/desk+storage you really really like this time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My couch's friends are my friends too

Does your beloved couch have cushions to accompany them so they don't get so lonely? Do you have a hard time finding the ones you like on the store because you're not the shabby chick, Queen Anne, or anything Victorian- inspired type? First, don't go to Linens N Things or Bedbath and Beyond. Hehe, just kidding. I found some pillows that are modern and very unique in design on Design Public. These are art works of street artists featured by Upper Playground. They each have their own cute personalities with although some have potentials for raising an eyebrow.

The first one reminds me of Anna Sui for some reasons, the second one in the middle is just plain simple about two people on top of each other (with clothes on), and the third one is a match-made in heaven with a red velvet couch (hint!hint!). Each pillow costs $40. Go to Design Public to see the Upper Playground pillow collection.