Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hail to Ben

So, this pretty much happened yesterday after 8 hours of churning out banal work called store inventory. I went home, feeling almost mentally deranged as a result of mind- destructing ennui. I was looking for some comforting so I picked up the latest issue of Nylon with Camilla Belle in it. It's been laying on my purple-hued IKEA carpet for a while. Blame Missouri School of Journalism and its relentless abundant work so I haven't had time to read it. And oh on the first few pages I spotted a Ben Sherman ad. *Breathe*. They have a website for their die-hard fans to shop online now! (Ben Sherman USA) I'm not crazy about British mod look, to be honest. Ok, I guess, not TOO crazy about it. But after being reminded by who they really are again, I gave in. The brand and it's heaven of button-down shirts have been there for decades. Not sure where they've been recently but the button-down- shirts-plus- jackets -and -coats heaven is still open! Sophistication...

I love how the women's outfits always have a tiny bit androgynous, sophisticated, yet simple touch.

And oh how I would love to fill my man's closet with each one of those masculine state-of-the-art coats! But sorry boyfriend, no bright colors for you, ok? Just a personal preference of your girlfriend's.

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