Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ok, I don't care what you say, I don't care how many abundant reviews there are already out there. This thing is awesome and I want one. Did you hear that, boyfriend? I want one. I want a 16GB iPhone 3G. It's not just about the look (oh, please), the convenience and luxury of being able to check my email every 5 mins wherever I am (including while I'm standing in a bus, gripping a hanging strap with my other hand) is just amazing. And uber helpful. I'm not a big fan of applications in any ways for simply the same reason why I never really play pool with the phone that I have right now, although I do occasionally shoot ducks, pigs, and rats in this game called Hunter when I'm bored. But the staggering fact that iPhone has 1,500 applications (and counting, they say) just blows my mind. And this is so gonnabe my iPhone skin (if I have an iPhone, of course).

Pretty isn't it? The skin is called "Shore" by Lawrence Yang from Gelaskins.

And I guess with its function as an iPod as well (duh!), I can actually choose the song I'd like to play now since it's been a guessing game all along with my shuffle.

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