If you've finally made it to this page, chances are you already know me. We might not be weekly ramen buddies (Read: my partner- in- crime when it comes to savoring delicious Japanese ramen swimming in juicy pork broth), but we might be childhood friends simply reunited due to the power of a soul- sucking, time- consuming, yet irresistible and most of the time useful social media site called Facebook. Either way, our degree of separation must not be so large.

This blog is mostly dedicated to those who know me in real life and are located in far away places, especially my mom. I've also met so many wonderful people from different walks of life that I'd love to forever be able to exchange a dinner conversation with. But I can't, there are too many of you. Plus, I've pretty much adapted a nomad lifestyle the day I turned 19.

Those who know me would agree that my memory has a quite limited capacity. So I feel it might be best to have my experience documented in a way that slightly notes some kind of immediacy. Some of you might find the posts boring, some of you might find them interesting or even worth sharing. (Ahemm, yes there's a 'share' button below every post.)

If you happen to not know me (Read: You have no idea that my love affair with fried chicken involves a bowl of warm jasmine rice and semi- sweet hot sauce), please feel free to drop by and say hi by filling out this form below.

A few tidbits about me: I've lived I've recently moved back to Jakarta, Indonesia (where I grew up eating my dad's homemade Chinese noodles). In the past I've lived in Nor-Cal, Missouri (I'm a proud alum of the Missouri School of Journalism), and Georgia, US. I'm easily swayed by good food but you've probably picked up on it. My name is Dea, by the way.

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