Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Con '09 highlight: James Jean

So...Comic Con in San Diego. Yes, this is related to my internship in NBC San Diego and a long, whirlwind story behind that.
I didn't have that much to post because mostly everything that I recorded was in a P2 card through the station's video camera. But Comic Con was pretty crazy, packed, filled with the most creative costumes you can imagine. I got to talk to a handful of celebs which was never bad. But yesterday on the last day of comic con, me and the boyfriend bought Kindling, a painting portfolio of James Jean, had it signed, and had our picture taken with him.

Kindling is a beautiful piece of artwork. It's all about surrealism - ravishing, way beyond words kind of surrealism. Add a little tidbit of gore wrapped in dreamy strokes- although my artist boyfriend says the renderings couldn't be more realistic- but hey, I'm a commoner.

He personalized the first page for us. He did it in less than 15 secs as far as I could remember. Every print in Kindling is a high quality print in which you can take off and display wherever you want.

One of my favorites painting in Kindling: Shattered.
And I have always like the colors that James Jean uses and their effects: marriages of color that no rainbows can't make a statement of; they bring an alluring wave of fantasies and a little chill down the spine.

James made a joke about my name and what it stands for. For all of you who don't know, my name is pretty much the same as an acronym of a high profile government agency, though I believe it mustn't be my parents' intention to do that. Anyways, James was really nice and I was pretty nervous when I got the chance to talk to him.