Friday, February 27, 2009

So Ms. Tomei, can I....

I know it is sad that it took me a week to post this entry about Oscars. I literally sat in front of E! since 1 in the afternoon waiting for the Oscars to start though. I was accompanied by Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone while flipping through my communication law notes for today's test. And of course, I didn't get that much done. Anyways, here's my pick of the best Oscar dresses!

Marisa Tomei wearing Versace Atelier.
This one is actually my favorite of all. I love the train and how the pleats all over the dress look so neat!

Angelina Jolie wearing Elle Saab.
It's never wrong to go with the classic. Humm..I don't know about the earrings though.

Evan Rachel Wood wearing Elle Saab
I like how the flowy skirt is just so..flowy and the criss cross top gives the dress so much structure. And her make-up does play the part as well.

Freida Pinto wearing John Galliano.
traditional with a modern twist. gotta love it.

Taraji Henson wearing Robert Cavalli.
The white-tiered dress gives a mermaid silhouette which looks amazing. I also like how there's a flowy layer on the outside that adds up to an even more beautiful construction.

I guess it's not hard to tell that mostly I like the ones with a more classic touch of subdued pearl or champagne satin hues. Even for dark colors, my vote goes for the bold, classic ones.
And oh- what's up with the bridal-like gowns that SJP and Pen Cruz were wearing? Not a really big fan of those.

So, Ms. Tomei, ahemmm, can I borrow that dress for my future, although unplanned yet, engagement party?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

the luminescence' charm

I'm not a really big fan of bright lamps. Those giant T5 fluorescent lamp sticks turn me off. For some reasons I always think of Home Depot when I see one. Now don't get me wrong, Home Depot is great. But living in a place that looks like it wouldn't be the prettiest thing, would it? I'm not a big fan of the kind that's attached to a fan either. The exact same thing that comes with my furnished apartment, heh. They just look unattractive to me. My most reliable source of light in my room is my desk lamp with its 40 watt type G bulb that I got for Christmas 3 years ago (Heh, I know). It's got this warm, illuminating and sort-of-inviting kind of brightness. Not mention how it's been proven to be very cooperative and accommodating during hard times such as writing a 3000 word article in a night.
But really, I would be the luckiest person on the planet if I happen to have this kind of drop-dead gorgeous lighting from Ligne Roset in my apartment:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

my hierarchy of needs

Ok, while I still can I'm just gonna go ahead and post one more entry before I gotta go pick up my guppies from an Indonesian friend of mine who has been baby-sitting them for the last two months. She said all the guppies are doing great and but I'm just tad worried either that's true or the bitter truth just lies under the gravel where she couldn't see the dead guppies buried in them.
Enough about guppies. I got a really cool gift for Valentine's Day. It's the one that I've always wanted since the year of monkey. It's nothing too fancy, not a ravishing diamond necklace or some sort *hint hint*. It's a red hard shell case from incase for my macbook. Now that my mac is comfortably wrapped in a sturdy, incredibly soft on the outside, and still looking cool armor, I am on to the next quest to find the best laptop sleeve out there. (Well, think of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how it is normal for a human being to move on to the next level of the pyramid if his basic needs are fulfilled -that's my justification pretty much.)
Back to laptop sleeve. I stumbled into Janine King designs and found some good stuffs there.

My favorite is the zebra pattern just because I think it'd be a match-made in heaven with my red hard shell case. Yeah, one of these days when I stop spending money on curry-flavored instant noddles then maybe I can save up for one. Maybe.

my Valentine's Day passion potion

Yeah I know it's kinda too late to do anything about Valentine's Day. Sorry I'm a day behind, I had my own celebration of Valentine's Day too, you know. *wink*. For me, Valentine's Day only rings two bells: Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur!!
Here's my pick:

I always like them with a vintage and sultry but not too girly touch. Lace is quite crucial at times. Although yeah I have to admit that the last one, the balconet push up bra, is a little bit girly with its fuchsia pink twist. But hey, there's nothing wrong with embracing the feminine side of you. The first two is from the Virgins Collection by Agent Provocateur and the last two I found under Sexy Lingerie by VS.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hail to Ben

So, this pretty much happened yesterday after 8 hours of churning out banal work called store inventory. I went home, feeling almost mentally deranged as a result of mind- destructing ennui. I was looking for some comforting so I picked up the latest issue of Nylon with Camilla Belle in it. It's been laying on my purple-hued IKEA carpet for a while. Blame Missouri School of Journalism and its relentless abundant work so I haven't had time to read it. And oh on the first few pages I spotted a Ben Sherman ad. *Breathe*. They have a website for their die-hard fans to shop online now! (Ben Sherman USA) I'm not crazy about British mod look, to be honest. Ok, I guess, not TOO crazy about it. But after being reminded by who they really are again, I gave in. The brand and it's heaven of button-down shirts have been there for decades. Not sure where they've been recently but the button-down- shirts-plus- jackets -and -coats heaven is still open! Sophistication...

I love how the women's outfits always have a tiny bit androgynous, sophisticated, yet simple touch.

And oh how I would love to fill my man's closet with each one of those masculine state-of-the-art coats! But sorry boyfriend, no bright colors for you, ok? Just a personal preference of your girlfriend's.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here's a reason why I don't wanna grow up

My roommates always tell me that my room is too pink. I deny that because I wasn't intentionally decorating the room with all kinds of pink stuffs that I could find. It just happens that everytime I pick something, it happens to be pink. And all together, they happen to be very pink. Although some of my favorite stuffs in my room actually have no pink in them, but apparently they still share the pink hue. But I guess yeah I wouldn't deny it. Pink is my comfort color. It sort of allows me to unleash my inner childhood all over again hehe. Anyways, while I was looking for products for, I couldn't help but drooling over this nursery. Yes, it's a nursery. For babies. But it's just unbearably cute.

The satin ruffles, the pink polka dots, and the Victorian patterns melt me. I wonder if they can make a bed in an adult size. Sometimes I just don't wanna grow up. Especially once I found that once I do, I have to pay my own bills..

Carousel Designs have the prettiest baby beddings ever!