Saturday, February 21, 2009

the luminescence' charm

I'm not a really big fan of bright lamps. Those giant T5 fluorescent lamp sticks turn me off. For some reasons I always think of Home Depot when I see one. Now don't get me wrong, Home Depot is great. But living in a place that looks like it wouldn't be the prettiest thing, would it? I'm not a big fan of the kind that's attached to a fan either. The exact same thing that comes with my furnished apartment, heh. They just look unattractive to me. My most reliable source of light in my room is my desk lamp with its 40 watt type G bulb that I got for Christmas 3 years ago (Heh, I know). It's got this warm, illuminating and sort-of-inviting kind of brightness. Not mention how it's been proven to be very cooperative and accommodating during hard times such as writing a 3000 word article in a night.
But really, I would be the luckiest person on the planet if I happen to have this kind of drop-dead gorgeous lighting from Ligne Roset in my apartment:

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