Sunday, February 15, 2009

my hierarchy of needs

Ok, while I still can I'm just gonna go ahead and post one more entry before I gotta go pick up my guppies from an Indonesian friend of mine who has been baby-sitting them for the last two months. She said all the guppies are doing great and but I'm just tad worried either that's true or the bitter truth just lies under the gravel where she couldn't see the dead guppies buried in them.
Enough about guppies. I got a really cool gift for Valentine's Day. It's the one that I've always wanted since the year of monkey. It's nothing too fancy, not a ravishing diamond necklace or some sort *hint hint*. It's a red hard shell case from incase for my macbook. Now that my mac is comfortably wrapped in a sturdy, incredibly soft on the outside, and still looking cool armor, I am on to the next quest to find the best laptop sleeve out there. (Well, think of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how it is normal for a human being to move on to the next level of the pyramid if his basic needs are fulfilled -that's my justification pretty much.)
Back to laptop sleeve. I stumbled into Janine King designs and found some good stuffs there.

My favorite is the zebra pattern just because I think it'd be a match-made in heaven with my red hard shell case. Yeah, one of these days when I stop spending money on curry-flavored instant noddles then maybe I can save up for one. Maybe.

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