Friday, February 27, 2009

So Ms. Tomei, can I....

I know it is sad that it took me a week to post this entry about Oscars. I literally sat in front of E! since 1 in the afternoon waiting for the Oscars to start though. I was accompanied by Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone while flipping through my communication law notes for today's test. And of course, I didn't get that much done. Anyways, here's my pick of the best Oscar dresses!

Marisa Tomei wearing Versace Atelier.
This one is actually my favorite of all. I love the train and how the pleats all over the dress look so neat!

Angelina Jolie wearing Elle Saab.
It's never wrong to go with the classic. Humm..I don't know about the earrings though.

Evan Rachel Wood wearing Elle Saab
I like how the flowy skirt is just so..flowy and the criss cross top gives the dress so much structure. And her make-up does play the part as well.

Freida Pinto wearing John Galliano.
traditional with a modern twist. gotta love it.

Taraji Henson wearing Robert Cavalli.
The white-tiered dress gives a mermaid silhouette which looks amazing. I also like how there's a flowy layer on the outside that adds up to an even more beautiful construction.

I guess it's not hard to tell that mostly I like the ones with a more classic touch of subdued pearl or champagne satin hues. Even for dark colors, my vote goes for the bold, classic ones.
And oh- what's up with the bridal-like gowns that SJP and Pen Cruz were wearing? Not a really big fan of those.

So, Ms. Tomei, ahemmm, can I borrow that dress for my future, although unplanned yet, engagement party?

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