Sunday, March 21, 2010

Take a Slow Bite, No Chugging Involved (Late St. Pat's Day Ed.)

The thing that I remember the most about St. Patrick's Day is how every year someone always asks me, "why aren't you wearing green?" Well, that's because I don't have anything in green in my closet. Olive, maybe, but not shamrock-ish kind of green. I just don't like the color on me. That's simply the same reason why I don't have anything in red (and people have the same question also, every year, on Chinese New Year's Eve) or yellow (whoever goes/went to Mizzou knows that not wearing yellow/gold on a game day is pretty much a sin).

But I've been cooking and baking a lot for the past two months. And yes, I'm a beginner, therefore there's a legitimate reason why I had not documented my cooking journey in the past. It simply wasn't pretty.

For this past St. Pat's Day party with the Anthem crew, I followed Smitten Kitchen's recipe for chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes. These are simply Irish car bombs (I apologize if you find the term offensive) in the form of baked goods sans the alcohol effects. I left out the ganache filling because most of the guests were guys and it's been proven in the past that their sweet tooth isn't as adventurous as girls'.

Since I didn't have much time and my Proctor Silex hand mixer is getting rusty, I used a cake mix (Duncan Hines, never anything else) instead of making my own. Sorry, I know that's just not right. I used Guinness instead of water as instructed for the cupcakes and I followed the recipe to make Baileys frosting. The frosting didn't turn out to be that great, it's a little thin for me (I'm pretty sure that's mostly mine or my Proctor's fault). But when I realized that, that's when the mixer started acting out so I just let go of it.

Weigy has been joking about getting a job as a fortune cookie writer. I thought why not give him the chance to do it. So I let him write "fortunes" for the cupcakes, in which I slipped it in the little shamrock decoration I've made in advance.

Oh and these cute little bottles? Michaels' has them. I picked up the last bag in the store. It says "95% drunk and 5% Irish" if you can't see it.

Unfortunately the Guinness is mostly baked out and you can't really taste the alcohol on the frosting. Adding more Baileys would've made the frosting become thinner and thinner. But still, at least there's something to brag about.

We did the real Irish car bombs that night, but seriously, I have fuzzy memories about that.

ps: This time I don't have to credit anyone for the pictures, I took them myself. But I'd like to credit the camera owner for his generosity. That is, Shawn Borsky of the Anthem Design Group. Thanks, Shawn!

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