Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Little Feet Couldn't Stop Dancing

To Rodrigo Y Gabriela music.

*My detailed, long-form elaboration on why I haven't blogged for the last 6 months will be in the next post, promise.

I went to see Rodrigo Y Gabriela in concert at Center Stage in Atlanta last night. The tix wasn't that pricey and I thought I've seen them on YouTube and they sounded pretty great, I mean, why not? Well, it turned out that I made the best decision of the year 2010. They were amazing. It was one of the best concerts I've ever gone to in my entire life.

The best thing about them is, like Weigy said, "There's no gimmick. It's just two people playing music. Really good music." To be honest, I don't know much about guitar music and therefore, here's a disclaimer, I can't talk that much about the quality of their music technique wise. I just know that I've never heard that kind of music being played with that kind of energy and passion. Very charming, fast-playing, rhythmic acoustic guitar that transports a very strong, trance-like, happy energy. One thing for sure, like Rodrigo and Gabriela said, "This is not flamenco." But really, they are THAT good.

Weigy broke the news to me that Rodrigo Y Gabriela started out their career by playing on the streets of Mexico City. Then they moved to Dublin till they got discovered by Damien Rice, who asked them to open for him. I like it how they didn't mind having a chat with the audience whenever their magical fingers were getting some much-needed rest. You just know that these people are good people who have made their way by staying true to the never-worn-out credo of working hard. And yes, you can tell that they're having fun while doing it.

I would love to see them again. I don't know that watching people having fun can be this much fun. Thanks, Weigy, for introducing them to me. My little feet couldn't stop dancing.

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