Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Starts with a Sweet Finish

I've been putting off writing this post for a while now. Today was unusually warm and it's quite a definite that spring has sprung. So I thought either I write about this now or it's going to be next year until the topic will be relevant again. I'd like this post to be a celebration of the first day of spring. Since I turned 21, I have always been celebrating this very occasion by going to a winery. This year, the decision was much of an impromptu one, though. A friend of a friend from Chicago was in Atlanta for a visit. So, this year, North Georgia's Dahlonega is my California's Napa Valley and my Mid- Missouri's Hermann. Unfortunately, we only visited Wolf Mountain Vineyards since we didn't leave until late in the afternoon. But let me tell you, it was a very good decision to go.

Wolf Mountain Vineyards has that warm family log cabin feel that makes you want to cuddle up on a rustic cedar log loveseat with your significant other (or your dog- while sipping a glass of zin or cab, of course) by the fireside.

We had a wine tasting and my pick was a tall, sleek bottle of Delicieux (French for "delightful"). It's the winery's first port-styled, full-bodied red dessert wine listed as private reserve. It has dark berry fruit flavors with a finish that fully satisfies your sweet tooth.

Wolf Mountain Vineyards uses mostly French and Hungarian Oak Barrels. Those types of barrels allow the oak flavor to not overpower the rich fruit flavors.

Approximately 3 tons of red wine fruits are fermented in each of these 800 gallon stainless steel tanks.

Photo Credit: Weigy Widyanputra

Photo Credit: Weigy Widyanputra

The winery lost its wolf 'muse' named Nootka last year. Is Nootka the wolf that inspires the winery's name? I'm not exactly sure, but I highly doubt that he isn't.

I snapped a shot of these charming little creatures on my way to the parking lot. Anyways, happy blooming, everyone!

ps: You don't have to visit the winery to get a taste of the wines (although for sure visiting the winery gives you more of the visual and psychological benefits), the wines are also sold in stores throughout Atlanta.

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