Saturday, March 28, 2009

Have a cupcakey Saturday!

Today is cupcake day! I woke up around 11am simply because the sky was really dark that I couldn't tell it's a new day already. It was pouring hard this morning. We were still in St. Louis and had to drive back home to Columbia. I've been craving for cupcakes since the day I got to St. Louis (although the day before that I just made some at home) and there I was putting out my best little girl attitude of whining how I really wanted some cupcakes (the cupcake place isn't only a few minutes away from our friends' place in St. Louis) to my boyfriend. He was craving for dim sum instead. Not really the exact same thing, eh? But apparently our friends wanted to go to U-City Grill instead (they have the best, pretty authentic Korean food, for such a friendly price) which is located in Delmar Blvd, where Jilly's Cupcake Bar also is.

Jilly's is one of the very first pioneers of cupcake shop in St. Louis. We were all stoked when we got there (including the boyfriend- which is rare when it comes to cupcakes), the cupcakes are HUGE! They are seriously a lot bigger than normal cupcakes are! And yes they are serious when it comes to the frosting. It is tremendously thick, rich and they put all kinds of finger-licking things in it.

This one is called Missylicious. I bought one but accidentally knocked it over (heh) so it's not pretty anymore to take a picture of. It's a vanilla cake stuffed with whipped cream and topped with Tahitian vanilla buttercream. Photo: Jilly's Cupcake Bar

This one I couldn't resist and ate it in seconds at the shop, shared it with the boyfriend. It's a chocolate devil’s food cake, stuffed with marshmallow buttercream and topped with a chocolate ganache, drizzled with dulce de leche, praline pecans, a toasted marshmallow pretzel stick and a chocolate dipped graham cracker. I couldn't even tell them apart anymore of which one is which, they're all just so pretty together! But really, the cake and the marshmallow buttercream inside are just a perfect match-made. Photo: Jilly's Cupcake Bar

These last two, I sat them down on my IKEA carpet (now everyone gets to see what I've been talking about for years) and took pictures of them. We had them to go so they're put in a cute little space ship-like container of their own. This one is white chocolate strawberry. It hurts for me to eat it because it's just so beautiful to gaze at. I haven't had it yet till now.

This is Bee Sting (vanilla cake infused with lemon and honey syrup, stuffed with a honey lemon curd, topped with lemon cream cheese, toasted almonds, lemon candy dust, a sugar bee and white chocolate). Yes, I know, stupid camera, sorry..

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