Friday, March 27, 2009

Just fur is not enough

Spring Break is here, the month of March almost ends, now where has the sunshine been? Welcome the midwest. Throughout my blog, it's obvious to see that I'm going to use this as a common theme to constantly whine about. I still haven't gotten over this fact although I'm on my 2nd year of my stay here. So here where weather is not exactly our best friend, I can totally see why our furry friends need some comforting too. This etsy shop called Beantown Handmade has the cutest pet apparels for quite an affordable price.

Photos: BeanTown Handmade

These pictures are amazingly cute and it's either the photographer is really good at his job or the dogs are just such divas! But of course, the product itself contributes a lot. I showed these pictures to my girlfriends and it's just an endless parade of "aww" after "aww" for every picture after another.

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