Friday, January 16, 2009


When it comes to tables, have you ever seen a nice table top you like but wish that the legs are sturdier? Or you like the tough aluminum legs but think the top is just lousy? Well, I hope that when you hear the word "build", there's one store that comes to you bubbly mind right away. I am amazed again by Ikea this time with their VIKA system of table top and legs mix and match. You can custom choose a desk you like with a handful of selections of different lengths and materials. Whether you want it to be glass, wood, or stainless steel, go satisfy your need. They give you the glorious freedom to mix and match with a selection of legs made of different materials, shapes, and even functions!

Live in a cramped up tiny apartment where space means the whole world to you? Some legs can also function as storage for you to keep all the junks inside the cool trunk.

I tried to play some mix and match and build my dream desk. I got a couple of "products cannot be combined", but I managed to survive and still drool over the final product that I "built". Go to IKEA to build a coffee table/work desk/desk+storage you really really like this time.

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