Monday, May 2, 2011

Starting up the engines...

A beautiful work of art by Sapto Djokokartiko, Indonesia's young and talented fashion designer -- a souvenir from Elle Style Awards, edited by my partner in crime, Clarissa Kwok.

Ok- I guess five is the magic number here. It's been five months since the last time I blogged. FIVE whole months. That equals to about 150 days. Which is lots of hours. Enough time to train for a half- marathon. Or to build a Japanese garden complete with a gazebo in it in my mom's case. Have I been hibernating? Not physically neither mentally. I went through a few changes and just needed some new air.

I am now back in my hometown. That's Jakarta, Indonesia, the mall and traffic capital of the world. I started my new job about three months ago in which it takes me a painful 90 minutes to get to my downtown office. And I have rekindled with my old friends. All in all, everything's good. Some things are better. And by some things I meant food, food, and food. But not all of them. Some are still better back in the States. There, I said it.

I have also been thinking to change my blog name, but still haven't found the one that fits me the most. Some that I thought do, happen to have been taken by other peeps that, I guess, are faster in doing things in life than I am. Thoughts?

As for now, I am having a good time running and hopping around with Jakarta as my playground. There will be more proofs. In less than five months I promise.

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