Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My eco-friendly Agyness Deyn-inspired water bottle

To be honest, I'm not a really big fan of water bottles. I do have a couple at home which I never take with me simply because I just never remember to. But I'm starting to think that it is quite necessary to have a water bottle for several reasons:
1. The money you spend on bottled water might as well go to help fight the food crisis in Africa.
2. Save the environment, stop buying bottled water!
3. I don't exactly think that the atrocious taste of tap water is tolerable.
So I've been looking for some visually appealing water bottles which also serves its function. Sigg came up with these eco- friendly water bottles with cool attitudes:

You know what those big, bold letters remind me of? Agyness Deyn. Well, House of Holland too, of course. The funky British clothing line is pretty famous for their trademark of using such letters on bright neon- colored shirts.

Oh, they also have "FLICK YER BEAN FOR AGYNESS DEYN" shirt. Check out Sigg and House of Holland websites to see what I'm talking about. Now I just have to remember to take my Agyness Deyn- inspired water bottle with me wherever I go.

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